EDI: An Important Part of Your Long Term Strategy?

For suppliers, EDI is often thought of as an annoyance — something that their “big box” customers force on them. If the supplier does not comply, they face consequences such as chargebacks or even the end of a trading partner relationship. It is vital however, to focus on the big-picture strategy of your business when making decisions about your EDI system. A cheap, quick fix may smooth over chargebacks at first, but you risk overlooking the capabilities of a fully integrated system.

A solid and well-planned-out EDI system leads to the following benefits:
1. Reduced cost in terms of paper and postage, as well as streamlined inventory and shipping
2. A reduction in direct labor costs
3. Improved customer service, as EDI provides a quick and efficient response to customer needs
4. More reliable information that is exchanged more efficiently within your company
5. A competitive advantage—simply, you gain an advantage over your non-EDI competitors

Becoming EDI compliant can be seen as an opportunity to improve your business in several ways. Martin & Associates along with the MAPADOC team at SWK have a great deal of knowledge and experience in EDI and would be happy to advise you on how to make the most of your system.

Contact Martin & Associates at 513-772-7284 about how to make the most of your EDI.

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