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Professional Sports Team Financial Planning with Dynamics GP

Professional Sports Team Financial Planning with Dynamics GP

We know that budgeting can be a tedious task in terms of logistically organizing and piecing together a plan, most likely because of a manual Excel process for budget managers.  While Excel is trusted around the globe by finance professionals, the spreadsheet application usually cannot handle organizational planning for a company of a healthy size, like professional sports teams.  Because of this, some Microsoft Dynamics GP users are opting to go with independent software vendor (ISV) budgeting tools to expand and upgrade their planning tasks.  Some modern ISV tools are successful at simplifying budgeting and forecasting by focusing on secure collaboration.  Organizational budgeting usually requires teamwork to best live within the company’s means, informed by historical actuals and projected figures from across the corporation.

Budgeting and forecasting usually involves a group of professionals bringing departmental actuals and research for the future to design a plan.  Excel is the go-to software in the finance world in spite of logistical frustration and security problems with teamwork at all levels of an organization, particularly one as large and diversified as a professional sports team.  Most companies still use Excel or Microsoft’s Forecaster, so you might perceive an ISV solution investment to be an avoidable expense.  This article will explore the benefits of today’s third party budgeting software, so your professional sports team can design modern planning procedures with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

A budgeting solution investment has become more common lately because of how valuable accessibility is in terms of ownership for budget contributors – and the opportunity for budget managers to facilitate a more productive process through teamwork for a project, a department, or the whole organization.  Moreover, some planning solutions are database-driven Excel add-ins, which means you get the familiarity of formatting, coding and formulas, upgraded with a ribbon on the toolbar, avoiding the manual linking of your spreadsheets for a comprehensive budget.  The premier third party planning software options are built with accounting logic, so the tool is business user friendly regarding automation and reusable templates.

Today’s ISV budgeting tools are responding to consumer requests for logical, secure logistics to upgrade the collaborative element of planning.  Budget managers can distribute budget ownership to department heads, so they can shape budgets they have to manage through the year without back-and-forth e-mail conversations, heavy attachments, or frustrating manual spreadsheet linking – all due to streamlining and security.  Then, the budget manager can put together a complete budget that came together through smart teamwork.  And we are happy to report that it isn’t too good to be true: you can realize a ROI that is measurable in time, money, and energy.  If you’re shopping for a budgeting solution to expand your Dynamics GP tasks, consider your preferences in terms of Excel versus proprietary platforms, budgeting functionality, integration options, a full suite of BI tools, and web budgeting for your professional sports team needs.

To continue learning more about Professional Sports Team Financial Planning with Dynamics GP, read the rest of this article here.

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