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Every 39 seconds

...1 cyberattack strikes

Source: University of Maryland

39% of security technologies used

...are outdated

Source: Cisco

SMBs are 3X more likely become cybercriminal targets (vs. larger companies)

Source: Barracuda Networks

+55% SMBs

...lack the knowledge to develop a cybersecurity plan

Source: Better Business Bureau

66% of SMBs

...had at least one cyber incident in the past two years

Source: Mastercard

60% of SMBs attacked

...go out of business within six months

Source: Cybercrime Magazine

Keep your company away from the black statistics, your money in the bank, and your reputation intact. Martin & Associates offers proven tools, support, and expertise that take the burden off your staff and ensure you sleep well at night.




Keep phishing attacks out of your inbox. Fight off ransomware.

Studies prove that phishing accounts for 90% of all breaches across organizations, generating $12B in losses. Other reports show that hackers demand more than $100,000 per attack; sometimes even a seven-figure amount!

Advanced SPAM filtering

Use advanced anti-SPAM threat prevention products to keep your virtual doors locked and protected from bad actors. Safeguard your email and remote access with Multifactor Authentication (MFA) options. Receive regular remote access reports to stay in the know.

Microsoft 365 Defender


Duo Security

Rock-solid Firewall

To strengthen your first line of defense against cyber criminals, Martin & Associates implements best-of-breed firewall technologies. We ensure your internal network is protected from malicious traffic like viruses and hackers from external sources (such as the internet).

As a longtime SonicWALL partner, we can help you create a strong shield against breaches. We also work with other firewall vendors, such as Cisco, WatchGuard, Fortigate, and Netgear.

Prevent malware infections. Block data breaches.

Malware lurks from suspicious internet downloads, emails, and device connections. Viruses and trojans can seriously damage your software and incur unplanned expenses and data loss catastrophes. With Martin & Associates, you will stay protected from malware in your office and remote working environments. Our top choice is Webroot, the #1 threat intelligence provider for SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses).

End Point Protection

Keep your remote gear and virtual workspaces safe.

Protective DNS solutions

Prevent access to malicious sites that contain malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and more. Filter content and increase productivity.

Zero-day Protection

Ensure protection against unknown threats, flaws, and exploits in software that can stay hidden for months.

Put your security tech on autopilot with IT Automation.

Automation will keep your systems safe – at all times. Zero worries, zero effort, and zero extra dollars spent on security experts!

Microsoft Security Patch Installation

Security alert: your Windows software needs to be fully patched – always! It works best as an automated process that limits downtime. Martin & Associates can install that for you using cutting-edge Microsoft tools.

Self-healing Cybersecurity Systems

Your critical services must always be up and running, so they need extra protection to avoid downtime. Martin & Associates provides tools for monitoring each endpoint and automatically restarts services in the event of failure.

Full-stack monitoring & alerting

It means much more than simple hardware health check-ups and constant monitoring. With our help, your automated tools will take a proactive role by alerting you in the event of any incidents, fixing those issues as they occur. But it can do even more, like monitoring desktop disk health (SMART), internet connection uptime, or building power.

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