Martin & Associates specializes in providing Manufacturers with software tailored to their specific needs including Financial, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Budgeting, Forecasting  and Planning.

Martin & Associates understand the  tough challenges Manufacturers face.  Manufacturing is a major engine in any economy, but the fundamental success factors in the high tech industry are changing: flexibility, continuous improvement, and superb customer services are the key differentiators today.  Manufacturers are facing tough challenges, and they need a new breed of tools that can help them meet these challenges.

To move forward and grow your manufacturing business, you’ll face many challenges, including how to:

  • Introduce new products faster.
  • Manage inventory more effectively.
  • Improve post-sales operations.
  • Reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Increase sales and marketing effectiveness.
  • Reduce order-to-delivery time.
  • Develop better demand forecasts.

To stay competitive in the global market, companies are adapting by improving their ability to respond to change in end-customer demand even while facing relentless pressure on margins.  The right technology can give your company the visibility you need to stay competitive.

Martin & Associates can help recommend, implement and customize  the best software package to help fit all of your Manufacturing needs.

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