Martin & Associates can help improve operational efficiency, save time and reduce costs by automating existing manual processes, transforming them into tasks that can be completed quickly and accurately.

  • Stock counts, cycle counts, transfers, bin movements, shipping and receiving can all be tracked in the system
  • Automated pricing controls allow quick customer pricing
  • Transfer a Sales Quote to an Order and then an Invoice without re-keying the information each time

Integrate Inventory, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders with your Financial system ensuring accurate accounting and reporting.

  • Configurable document process flows ensure detailed costing and tracking of inventory, sales, and purchases that will integrate into the general ledger

Gain visibility into your warehouse and inventory movements with real-time inventory tracking, reporting and analysis.

  • Lot and Serial number control and traceability allow for detailed tracking and accurate costing
  • Reports and analysis tools enable business insights into inventory valuation and availability

Track shipments, receipts, and transfers to gain an edge in Customer Service response.

Utilize optional barcoding, RF technology, and Warehouse Management enhancements to meet your needs and gain a competitive advantage.

To learn more about how Martin & Associates can help you distribution company, please contact us at 513-772-7284.

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