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Streamlined and Optimized Distribution.

Fast and Accurate Order Fulfillment.

No more spreadsheets, disconnected data, and out-of-stock or overstock woes. Forget pricing errors, slow or missed deliveries, and disgruntled customers. Future-proof your business with the proper Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and a partner who understands your industry and business. With Martin & Associates, you get both.

An ERP system with modules that support distribution processes at every step - from the wholesaler and the warehouse to your happy customer.

Accurate and Efficient Inventory Management

Automate stock tracking and pricing, including promotional campaigns and coupons. Spotlight critical inventory trends, and enhance demand forecasting.

Real-Time Visibility into All Business Operations

Transform your business with new insights from data generated in real-time. Get a unified view of all your business operations, including order fulfillment, finances, human resources, and more.

Integrations: From the Warehouse to eCommerce

Streamline eCommerce and warehouse operations with real-time data and quality inventory management. Improve your order management, and build a base of loyal customers.

Supply Chain that
Flows Smoothly

Respond quickly to changing demands, eliminate bottlenecks along the supply chain journey, and ensure your customers get same-day delivery. Align order fulfillment and supply chain processes with customer demands.

Expertise. Experience. Commitment.

For decades, Martin & Associates has been helping distributors like you get the most out of their ERPs. We have the tools and methodologies that pay close attention to your specific needs and know exactly how to make your technology work.

Become your customers’ most reliable and accountable distribution partner.

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