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Outgrowing QuickBooks?​

QuickBooks accounting system served you well when your organization was small, and processes were simple. But then your business grew, and demands started to change.

While being an excellent choice for companies in their early stages, QuickBooks has many limitations for growing organizations.

Clear signs you need to migrate from QuickBooks

Restricted Views of
Customers & Operation

• Your production and inventory requirements have matured, so now you need greater control and visibility across the organization

• You need a closer, 360º view of your customers and a more robust CRM system

Siloed Reporting & Poor Insights

• Your data is siloed across departments, where it’s kept with size limitations and time constraints

• You create duplicate data entries and experience export/import issues

• Your reporting lacks the right insights that lead to more informed decision-making

Scaling & Growth Limitations

• Your corporate structure has transformed into multiple entities, and your accounting cannot keep up

• You need software with more customization capabilities that adapt to your business specifics

• More employees need access, but the additional activity is bogging down the system

Software Issues

• You are getting only the basics and not enough innovation for your IT investment

• Your QB database has grown so large that it has become slow and unstable, sometimes requiring painful restore-from-backup recovery operations

• You are tired of QuickBooks’ bugs, installation issues, and error messages

• You are not getting adequate expert support when problems arise

Unattractive for Investors

• Potential funding sources don’t take your business seriously because there is no audit trail behind your accounting data

• Your potential investors require detailed financial records that go beyond accurate bookkeeping

If you identified any of these signs within your organization, it’s time for an upgrade and a more robust ERP platform.

Martin & Associates can help you safely migrate your workloads off QuickBooks and find the right ERP platform that grows with your business.

Let’s talk.

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