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Setting up EFT for Payables Management in Dynamics GP 2013 and Later – Part 3

Setting up EFT for Payables Management in Dynamics GP 2013 and Later – Part 3

This is Part 3 of 3 for Setting up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Accounts Payable/Payables Management in Dynamics GP 2013 and Later. Part 1 covers EFT Set up. Part 2 covers Word Template Remittance.


Processing an AP EFT Check Run

Purchasing Page | Transactions | Select Checks

An AP EFT check run starts just like a usual check run, except the batch is marked as EFT instead of Check.  I usually start from Select Checks and add the batch on the fly.


Once the batch is made, run through the check selection process as usual.  You will only be able to select vendors that have been setup for EFT; otherwise you will receive an error message when selecting vendors.

If you are building a batch using the selection criteria on the Select Checks window, I like to setup the EFT-enabled vendors with something in the Payment Priority field.  That is available on the Vendor Card | Options button.  I usually use a value like “EFT” in the Payment Priority field.


Once the checks are selected, you come to the Print Payables Checks window.  This looks like normal, except the Check Number is perhaps different (based on the settings specified earlier), and the Sort Checks By and Check Format fields are greyed out.  The Separate Remittance checkbox should be selected.


Once you hit the Process button the “print” the checks, the Process Remittance window will open.  Use this window to print the remittances, or email them, or both.


Clicking Process will Print and/or Email the remittances.  If the vendor has not been setup with email processing, the remittance will be printed.  Otherwise the remittance will be emailed to the vendor.

Sample Email:

Success!  Your vendors will be so happy!

FYI – this process works great for processing employee reimbursements as well.

Next on the Process Remittance window, select Post and then Process.  This will post the checks in GP.

One final step (in GP) – generating the ACH file.

Purchasing Page | Transactions | Generate EFT File


Select the batch just completed, and hit the Generate EFT File button.  This will create a date and time-stamped file in the location specified earlier.  Browse to this location in Windows Explorer to view the file.

Lastly upload this file to your bank using their website.

All setup!  You are now an AP EFT expert!


For basic set up, please review part 1.

For word template remittance, please review part 2.




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