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Cloud-based Accounting Software That Drives Data-driven Decisions in Your Franchise

Improve your efficiency, simplify consolidations, and gain real-time visibility across multiple locations with the franchise accounting software rated #1 for customer satisfaction—Sage Intacct is fast, simple, and scalable.

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Learn how Salesforce/Sage Intacct integration streamlines the quote-to-cash cycle for SaaS companies:

  • Create in Salesforce with a seamless hand-off to Sage Intacct
  • Track to your model with Real-time SaaS metrics
  • Best-in-class cloud financial management solutions provider

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See your business information, your way

Sage Intacct franchise management software lets you easily analyze and evaluate operational and financial information. See consolidated and local key performance metrics and drill down to any performance driver that matters to your business: menu items, locations, vendors, and customers. Improve cash flow management and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows, and revenue streams.

Learn the key features that SaaS accounting software needs to comply with the ASC 606 revenue recognition standard, like:

  • Be able to automate revenue allocation
  • Use dual reporting for preparation and compliance
  • Provide visibility for all key stakeholders

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Efficiently manage complex financial structures

Sage Intacct’s franchise accounting software supports virtually any business structure—including fractional ownership and other complex operational structures. Each location, franchise, or entity can use its own chart of accounts, taxation rules, and financial reporting requirements, while the franchisor has a view of it all. Perform real-time consolidations quickly and easily, and save time by automating inter-entity consolidations and eliminations. Drill down to entity source transactions, receivables, and payables to get complete details.

Download our e-Book to explore the practical steps to driving performance with data-driven decision making. You’ll learn:

  • How to become a data-driven strategist
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of key metrics
  • Synchronizing financial data with other systems

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Automate workflows and increase productivity with a cloud solution

Leverage the power of the cloud with easy integration and anywhere, anytime access. Sage Intacct offers fast, easy connection to leading point-of-sale and front-office systems, as well as franchise management, asset management, payroll, and payment applications. That means you can eliminate duplicate data entry and move your business forward with confidence, knowing Sage Intacct works seamlessly with virtually any application. Boost efficiency and collaboration further by giving your teams 24/7 access to the same cloud-based financial management system.

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