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Emailing Vendor Remittances for AP ACH Payments in Acumatica

Emailing Vendor Remittances for AP ACH Payments in Acumatica

Starting with Acumatica version 6.10.0680, Vendor Remittances can be emailed after processing payments in the AP module.

This document will cover emailing Vendor Remittance information for AP ACH payments.  This document assumes you have an ACH payment method setup in your Acumatica system.

Start by ensuring your Vendors have a Remittance Contact email.

AP.30.30.00: Finance | Payables | Work Area | Manage | Vendors   OR    Payables | Profiles | Vendors


Acumatica can read the email address under the Remittance Contact area of the Vendor record.  This is the address that will receive the vendor remittance email and report; it also defaults onto the Remittance Information tab on the Check/Payments window.  This email can be the same as the Main Contact, or can be overridden by unchecking the “Same as Main” checkbox and entering the correct email address.

Setup the Automation Notification

SM.20.50.40: System | Email Preferences | Automation Notifications

I won’t go into detail about Automation Notifications here, but this is how Acumatica can be configured to notify people about record changes in the system.  We will setup a Private notification, sent to specific recipients.

Screen ID will be Checks and Payments, under Company – Finance – Accounts Payable – Work Area – Enter

In the Notification ID field, enter a description, like Email Vendor ACH Payment Remittances.  Same for the Description.  Mark the Active checkbox, if it is not already.

If you want to have a PDF version of the remittance form sent in the email, select Data Source = Report.  This will tell Acumatica to run a report with necessary parameters and attach it in the email.  This can be a standard or custom report; for demo purposes we will use the standard Additional Remittance Form report.

Report Format = PDF, unless you prefer HTML or Excel.

Subject = the Subject of the email message that will be sent.  You can use the lookup icon to add fields from the relevant records in the Subject area, such as date or payment number.

Now we come to the tabs at the bottom – Message, Conditions, Addresses, Parameters, Fields.

Message Tab

This is the body of the email message that will be sent.  You can use the Insert – Datafield button to add fields from the relevant records.  For this example, we are pulling from the Payment record.  Related records are available as well.

Text can be formatted, you can include hyperlinks and images, tables, lists and more to suit your formatting needs.

Conditions Tab

Use this tab to set criteria for filtering records to include in the emails sent.  We will have two conditions:

  1. Payment Method = FEDWIRE (or whatever is the name of your ACH payment method being used)
  2. Status = Closed (so the message is sent once the payment has been properly processed, and not before then

Addresses Tab

This is where we specify the recipient(s) of the message.  There are several options, but we want to send it to the Vendor Remittance Contact from the Check/Payment document.

Source = Document

Type = To

Email = lookup so it reads Remittance Contact->Email.  This is the remittance email on the Check/Payment, that defaults from the Remittance Contact email address on the Vendor record.

You could also add Acumatica users (Source = User) or other document emails to this list.  The Type can be To, CC, BCC, or Reply (if you need to specify a reply address).

Parameters Tab

Parameters should auto-fill in here, but we are not changing any.

Fields Tab

Fields should default in here, and should be Active.

Now the Automation Notification is setup, and emails are ready to be created upon payment.

Process an ACH Payment


Process an ACH check run as usual.  When you come to the Batch Payments window, once you click Release, the notification will be created for any vendor records in that batch.  It happens at this time because of the condition specified earlier in the Automation Notification, Status = Closed.  That Status is referring to the status of the check/payment, and it is not Closed until Released in the Batch Payments window.

Use the Send Notifications window to process the messages


Once a payment has been processed, there will be notifications ready to be sent.  Use the Send Notifications window to view the messages and process them manually.  This is a good idea when testing.

When ready to have this Send process automated, you can use the schedule icon to add this window to an Automated Schedule.

On the Conditions tab, you can even specify to just run records for your ACH notification ID.  You will need a notification record in the Pending status in order to lookup the ID.  Mark this Active, Save and you are set!  Now the notifications will be sent on a schedule.

Hopefully this helps you get going with sending your vendors their ACH payment remittance information.  I’m sure they will appreciate it!

If you have questions or need assistance setting up ACH, please contact your account rep or email


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