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Cloud and Web Security for BI Software

Cloud and Web Security for BI Software

If you’re like most of our customers, the list of considerations to make when shopping around for the right Business Intelligence (BI) tool can be a little overwhelming.  And, as BI software follows the technology trend in a big way to the Cloud or browser-based interfaces, one element stands out as a top issue for consumers.  This hurdle has become less concerning over time, but security is still a logical question because we are used to working with software that we manage on-site.  While security is still a concern with on-premises software, maybe our hands-on ownership of the product makes us feel more confident – or perhaps we’re just nervous about the changes to what we’ve come to know with technology moving to the Cloud and/or on the Web.  In this article, we’ll tackle the topic of security of Cloud and Web-based BI technology.

Let’s begin by differentiating Cloud computing, SaaS, and Web software.  Products that are hosted on a server by a third party are referred to as Cloud computing.   It can be staged on-premises or off-site, but a Cloud provider is responsible for managing the product, including software, hardware, upgrades, updates, etc.  SaaS stands for software as a service, which means that your software is hosted by a third party Cloud provider.  In other words, SaaS refers to a pricing structure that is a monthly payment you will pay the Cloud company for hosting and maintaining the product.  Traditionally, when you implement new software, you are buying it outright and are responsible for managing the product yourself.  Web-based tools are browser-based when it comes to how you access your software, so you will open a browser to get to your company data for management and analytics.  Web-based solutions can be hosted in the Cloud by a third party, with SaaS pricing – or on-premises by your company.  Even though Cloud and Web-based software has become more and more popular, generally and in the BI marketplace, security has consistently been the main question mark for the consumer.

When it comes to Cloud and Web-based financial technology, the top issue for organization is typically related to data privacy and security.  This concern was a big hurdle initially for Cloud providers to navigate around, but over time and with proof of their power, we have noticed a building confidence in the security measures for Cloud and Web-based software.  The technology sector, constantly innovating, has consistently listened to consumers to drive product development.  And now, Cloud and web-based products are meeting, if not exceeding, your expectations for security.

To continue learning more about security in the Cloud and on the Web, read the rest of this article here.

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