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Budgeting Add-on Solutions for Sage 500

Budgeting Add-on Solutions for Sage 500

Budgeting is a vital task that is typically tedious due to the logistics of manually linking spreadsheets together, but today’s software has changed that experience.  Third party software manufacturers are bringing more streamlined, more modern solutions to market to meet today’s planning needs.  Like most companies, you have likely outgrown a homegrown Excel planning process, so there’s no time like the present to start shopping independent software vendor (ISV) planning solutions to accelerate and simplify your budgeting responsibilities.  We are happy to report that the premier modern budgeting tools empower you to achieve secure teamwork, with the capability to get rid of the tedium as the budget manager and allow contributors to truly own part of the planning process.

Planning usually entails a number of professionals coming together to design a budget or forecast.  Budgeting consists of a comparison of historical actuals with research-driven projected numbers.  Internationally, finance departments have been depending on Excel for decades, but it can be challenging with more than one budget contributor.  Even though most organizations are still working within Excel, some have moved to Sage Budgeting & Planning over time, so a third party product requires another investment in addition to current licensing.  This article will explore the benefits you can experience by implementing an ISV budgeting solution to expand your Sage 500 experience.

Best-of-breed planning solutions have continued to become more popular recently, likely due to the flexible and rich budgeting abilities, in addition to the security that allows for the requisite collaboration to put together a comprehensive financial plan.  Furthermore, with interface choices (Excel, Web, and/or proprietary), consumers can implement a solution that best serves their team as they work toward planning goals.  The best ISV budgeting solutions also come with accounting logic, easy-to-use automation, and reusable templates built right into the product.

ISVs are answering customers’ demands for streamlined, collaborative, and secure planning processes.  The best planning software invites budget managers to distribute access rights to department supervisors to work on the budget that they have to manage throughout the year, getting away from lengthy e-mail threads with heftier spreadsheet attachments – and the frustration of linking spreadsheets.  Then, the budgeting manager can make sure that the teamwork leads to a complete financial plan.  And the best part?  It’s not too good to be true.  You can see potential returns on your investment in the form of money, time, and energy.

When investing in one of today’s powerful planning tools, you’ll probably see returns not only in money, but your time and team morale.  A lot of customer have asked us, “What should we be looking for in the best budgeting solution to help us accomplish our goals with Sage 500?”  You should evaluate which platform option is best for you, how you’d like to integrate your company information, whether you’d like to go with a standalone tool versus a completely integrated, comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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