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What’s New in Sage CRM 2014 R2

Know your business. Grow your business.

Sage CRM 2014 R2 is a powerful and flexible CRM solution that is simple and intuitive to use, quick and easy to learn and easily adapts to the needs of small and medium businesses. A contemporary user experience and intuitive design helps boost the productivity of every individual in your company, so everyone can remain focused on driving success and growing the business.

Sage CRM enhances your customer relationships by giving you easy access to your sales and customer information at all times.  This gives you the confidence to grow sales by knowing where your business stands with better insight and forecasting for actionable decision making.

Sage CRM 2014 R2 was designed with the needs of small and medium businesses in mind.  Sage understands your need to increase productivity and efficiency in your business in order to grow and achieve your business ambitions.

What’s New?

Improved Navigation

Sage CRM 2014 R2 brings many new enhancement to the Sage CRM user interface.  A new Main menu, including a new Quick Access toolbar, makes navigating through your information much more intuitive and easier than before.

The new navigation is home to your key CRM information such as Opportunities, Companies, Leads, People, Calendar, Cases and more. The menu contents change depending on whether you have chosen My CRM or Team CRM mode from the profile drop-down. Brand new areas enable you to search for your information, access your notifications and recent records, and easily create and access a list of your favorite records.

Keyword Search

Searching your CRM database can become a challenge as your list of prospects and customers grows. A new Keyword Search feature lets you perform a quick search across any of the main CRM entities (Company, Person, Opportunity, Lead, and Case) by simply typing key terms in the search field. This helps you locate a record even if you don’t remember the full name.

The new search area also contains advanced search and logical search functions that enable you to carry out more complex searches within Sage CRM.

Quick Access toolbar

The Quick Access toolbar is a new area for fast access to important information including:

  • Recent list – a list of your recently accessed records.
  • Favorites – a list of records marked as favorites with the star icon.
  • Notifications – a list of reminders for important tasks and appointments.

The information above is displayed in the right menu, launched by clicking the relevant icon on the Quick Access toolbar.

Adding new information

Adding information in Sage CRM 2014 R2 is a much simpler and efficient process.  Wherever you are within Sage CRM, all you need to do is click the New button to add anything from a new lead or a new order to a new customer communication.

Responsive UI

In Sage CRM 2014 R2, the new Sage CRM navigation and your new customer modules will respond to the tablet or smartphone device on which you are working, enabling you to access your important information when and where you need it. This enables a seamless and consistent experience across every mobile device.

Learn More about Sage CRM R2

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