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What’s New in Dynamics GP October 2019 Release

What’s New in Dynamics GP October 2019 Release

Microsoft released a new version of Dynamics GP in October. Below are a few of the top enhancements. You can view the complete list on Microsoft’s website.

Financial Enhancements

Long description for payables transaction entries

A new option has been added in Payable Setup for very long descriptions up to 200 characters. The long descriptions display on the following pages: Transaction Entry, Payables Transaction Entry Zoom and PM Transaction Inquiry. It also prints on some checks in Payables Check Entry (single invoice) and the PM Blank Document in Payables Transaction Entry. It does not print in General Ledger.

Expand the view of fiscal periods

The window display length of the fiscal periods window is extended to give you an expanded view of the fiscal periods.

Show User who posted for Journal Entry Inquiry

There is a new field in the Journal Entry Inquiry window that shows the user who posted the entry. The User Who Posted field shows for both open and historical entries.

Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation

Documents can now be attached in Bank Deposit Entry, Bank Transaction Entry, Bank Deposit Entry Zoom and Bank Transaction Entry Zoom.

Workflow Enhancements

New workflows

You can now set up a workflow for:

  • Editing or adding user security
  • Editing or adding users
  • Modifying security roles
  • Modifying security tasks

Export and import workflows

You can now export a workflow to a .json file, then copy that to another workflow, or another company.

When importing an exported workflow from a .json file, you must specify the new workflow name. To import a workflow, the workflow type must match. After import, set up workflow approvers and message options.

System Enhancements

Compatibility with SQL Server 2019, Windows Server 2019 and Office 2019

Date options in SmartList

With the new search options, users do not need to change the dates in search criteria for:

  • Prior Month
  • Prior Period
  • Next Month
  • Next Period

Top feature requests

Copy Report Option

The system now allows you to copy report options from another report to the current report, make changes, and save changes. This is the quickest way to set standard values for different reports.

Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date

Date filters in Item Stock Inquiry window can be set to restrict the view. Choose Redisplay to filter data based on the From and To dates.

Exclude Inactive Items on the Item Price List

You can now specify if you want to exclude inactive items from the Item Price list.

Save setting for how to show new POs

You can now specify what happens when a new PO is created. You can show the message that new purchase orders have been created so the user can open the Purchase Order list, you can not show the message and just open the Purchase Order list, or you can not show the message and not display the Purchase Order list.

Inactive field added to Item SmartList

A new field, Inactive has been added to the default Item SmartList. You can add it as an available column to other SmartLists that are based on the Item list.

These are just some of the new features in the October 2019 release of Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can view the full list at

If you have questions or would like to discuss upgrading, please contact your M&A account rep or email

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