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Selecting the suitable ERP or CRM platform for your company is a critical step on your road to success. The next step is teaching your employees how to use it.


Did you know that customers typically go live with their ERP and CRM platforms by only using 20 to 30% of what their software could do for their business? You can implement the best solution, but your investment ROI will fall flat if you don’t train your employees to make the most of its capabilities. Martin & Associates’ certified experts provide comprehensive training for your organization. We understand that, like any other training, this is a journey, not a destination.

The training is part of the project if you implement new software with us. However, we can offer a training-only arrangement if you already have the software deployed. In both cases, we educate your staff on using the platform to its best.

Authorized & Certified

In-person & Online

In-person training in our award-winning Training Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, has advantages. On-site training is also available during design and implementation. Finally, if remote training via online classes makes more sense for your organization, we also provide that option. The choice is yours.

As a bonus, we can record all training sessions so that you can build an internal content library or knowledge hub for your employees.

Customized Training

Do you have new employees or a role change that requires partial training? Are there elements to the training that are specific to your industry or company? Not a problem. Martin & Associates can provide a modular approach where you don’t need to go through the entire curriculum.

We can create fully customized ‘mini training’ – such as Train-the-Trainer or End-User Training – or another variation tailored to your organization and industry vertical.


There is no need to worry about your software’s new features, how to put it into practice, or what to do when issues occur. Martin & Associates makes sure you are covered with all the new additions and upgrades and that you take full advantage of your ERP and CRM systems.

Flexible agreements

Including time and materials, pre-paid hours, or monthly fixed fee options.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Your team can easily submit, track, and update all their inquiries and cases.

Team Continuity

You are in good hands! The same team who led your implementation is also your point of contact for support issues, ensuring swift resolution of all questions and issues that may arise.

Master your ERP and CRM with Martin & Associates, get your needed support and schedule new training for your employees.

Let’s talk.

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