New Microsoft Commercials Take on MacBook Users

Betsy Frank August 12, 2014Uncategorized

Remember the Mac vs. PC commercials from ten years ago? Well, Microsoft recently released three new commercials evoking those famous spots, comparing their new Surface Pro 3 tablet to Apple’s MacBook laptop.

In each ad, the Surface Pro 3 owner shows a MacBook user that his new tablet is just as powerful, fast and capable a laptop, if not better. It one ups the MacBook with it’s detachable keyboard, touchscreen and Surface pen.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first rodeo when it comes to clever commercials. Earlier this year, a Microsoft commercial poked fun as Siri by asking Microsoft’s personal assistant app, Cortana, to do various tasks that even had Siri saying, “Now, that is a smart phone.” Back when Windows 8 launched in 2012, commercials compared the iPad and Windows 8 tablet, with Microsoft coming out on top in funcationality and Siri asking, “Should we just play Chopsticks?”

While Microsoft continues to roll out witty commercials and poke fun at Apple, their products have yet to put a dent in Apple’s iPad, iPhone and MacBook sales.

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