Sage 100 (fka MAS 90/200)

Sage 100

Sage 100 Standard  (formally known as MAS 90/200) business management software offers a broad range of modules designed to meet the many needs of virtually any business. Combine modules to build an ERP system optimized for your business, and the resulting integrated system will be more powerful than the individual components. As your business continues to grow, you can add Sage 100 modules with confidence, knowing that your system is evolving and adapting as the best solution for your unique business needs. Go green with powerful and efficient paperless office capabilities included with every system, and add specialized modules such as Direct Deposit and Federal and State eFiling and Reporting to further reduce paper and increase timeliness of communications.  These business tools are just one of the reasons why Sage 100 ERP is recommended by more CPAs than any other mid-range accounting solution.

Sage 100 Premium  (fka MAS 200 for SQL) provides a superior ERP solution with robust features and functionality and the efficiency of Microsoft SQL Server. Offering scalability, flexibility, integration, and reporting using SQL Server, Sage 100 Premium ERP leverages the ease of use, simplicity, and maturity of the Sage 100 product line.  Use the latest Windows environments, the traditional local area network (LAN) and single-user environments, or wide area network (WAN) environments.  The Internet- and intranet-compatible product line allows the flexibility to expand your system to accommodate greater numbers of users as your company grows, and provide more rapid transaction processing.

Sage 100 Advanced  (fka MAS 200) is ideal for mulitsite businesses and requires no additional remote access software. Designed to deliver industry-leading, benchmarked performance for fast, reliable data throughout and optimized for TCP/IP, this dynamics solution and the thin client architecture provide fast, reliable network connections.

Regardless of the platform you choose, and regardless of the deployment option, on-premises or online, there is a Sage 100 system that can meet your requirements.



Sage 100 Overview Brochures

Sage 100 Standard ERP Overview Brochure
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Sage 100 Available Modules

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Advanced Manufacturing
Bank Reconciliation
Bill of Materials
Business Alerts
Credit Card Processing
Custom Office
Direct Deposit
e-Business Manager
Electronic Reporting
Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Inventory Management
Job Cost
Material Requirements Planning
Sage Mobile Apps
Paperless Office
Purchase Order
Sage CRM
Sage Intelligence Reporting
Sales Order
Shipping by SmartLinc
StarShip Freight
StarShip Parcel
Visual Integrator
Work Order


Sage 100 Success Stories

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