Licensing & Editions

Adaptive Insights’ award-winning Corporate Performance Management solution is incredibly affordable and provides exceptional value – with a total cost of ownership that’s up to 75% lower than traditional alternatives. Annual subscriptions start at less than $5,000 per year.

Adaptive Insights is licensed on a subscription basis, with prices based on the following:

  • Edition
  • Number of instances
  • Number of seats licensed
  • Type of seats licensed
  • Duration of the contract
  • Additional modules


Adaptive Insights is available in two editions, Corporate and Enterprise.



An Adaptive Insights instance is a self-contained model that includes all elements necessary to plan, report on, and analyze a business, or a specific functional area, such as Sales. The Multiple Instance functionality enables companies to set up, link together, and manage multiple Adaptive Insights instances.

Adaptive Insights may be deployed on a single-instance basis (one model for the entire company or organization) or on a multiple-instance basis (multiple models for different independent functions or entities within the corporation). .


Seat Types

There are four available seat types: Administrative, Standard, Analysis, and Report Only.

  • Administrative Users can access and configure all aspects of Adaptive Insights, including creation of accounts and structures, definition of sheets and templates, creation of assumptions, user management, data integration, and more. Members of finance and other managers or administrators of your existing budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes are typically Administrative users.
  • Standard Users are given controlled access to sheets (for data input and modeling), participate in workflow, and may author, interact with and share reports. Typically, most individuals throughout the organization who participate in budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes are Standard users.
  • Report Only Users can create and view reports and dashboards, and can participate in workflow, but cannot access sheets, and cannot enter or edit data. Managers and executives who participate in budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes as reviewers, but who do not enter data, are likely to be Report Only users.
  • Analysis Users can create and view dashboards and reports, can participate in workflow, and can review (but not edit) data from sheets. This seat type includes less capability than Standard users (who do have the ability to edit data from sheets), but more capability than Report Only users (who do not have the ability to view sheets).

Note that every user, within each user type, has a unique profile which grants permissions to use and interact with specific functions and data. E.g., different Administrative users can have different access privileges.


Contract Duration

Subscription licenses are available for one year, or for multiple years.


Additional Modules

Transaction Reporting & Analysis provides a way for companies to improve their corporate performance management with tight integration of transaction-level detail from other enterprise applications, located both on-premise and in the cloud. Users can drill down into underlying transaction detail from summary values in plans and reports, making business managers more autonomous and efficient in understanding their variances, and freeing finance and accounting for higher value-added activities.


Adaptive Insights Connectors

Adaptive Insights Connectors are part of a full range of integration options for general ledgers and other enterprise applications. Connectors provide advanced integration capabilities beyond the standard import and export functionality included in the Corporate and Enterprise Editions. Connectors enable automated data integration between Adaptive Insights and other enterprise systems, located both in the cloud and on-premise. Connectors are available for the most common source systems and databases, and may be deployed at any time during or after implementation.

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